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New Road From Subiya Town to Abdaly Borders


Owner:      Ministry of Public Works

Project:     Consultancy Services for the Conceptual Design and
Construction Supervision for the Design Build and Maintenance of
New Road from Subiya Town to Abdaly Borders (EF/R/190). The New
Road from Subiya Town to Abdaly Borders is designated to convey
large traffic volumes Subiya Town, Bubiyan and Iraq and vice versa.
The traffic volumes generated will necessitate fully controlled access
to be provided by grade separated interchanges. In addition to that,
Construction of new single carriageway road with corridor of 25m from
Umm Qasr Security Center to Khar Warba Entrance at the North. The
approximate length is 10Km including the bridge over lagoon (Wadi)
to be provided at the local road standard. The concept of a motorway
is to provide high speed, high volume links between significant node
centers and, in the case of the New Road from Subiya Town to Abdaly
Borders the highest standard of provision between the borders of Iraq,
Bubiyan Port and Subiya Town.
Services:  Design and Supervision
Cost:        50,000,000
Year :       Nov 09– Active