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Kuwait Sewerage Improvements --- Phase IX


Owner:      Ministry of Public Works

Project:     Kuwait Sewerage Improvements – Phase IX. The
Consultants Agreement to assist the Ministry of Public Works to
implement Improvements to the Sewerage systems for the Mushref
and Sabah Al-Salem Districts of Kuwait City in Phase IX of the
Program. The Project covers an area of 16 km² with an ultimate
population of over 100,000 persons. The Consultants (NJS + KTCB)
will assist the Ministry to plan, design and prepare tender documents
for the construction of new Sewerage Systems required to meet the
long-term future needs of the project area. In addition, it will also
provide assistance with tender and award of two contracts for
construction services and will supervise construction and
commissioning of the new sewerage system. The project duration is
approximately five years.
Services:  Design and Supervision
Cost:        31,000,000
Year :       Nov 04– Active